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Last Updated 7 years ago

As of version 7.5 of the Automotive Listings plugin we introduced a new, easier way for users to customize certain aspects of the plugin and in version 10.9 you can now customize the shortcodes and widgets! Customizing the areas simply requires you to copy the template file from wp-content/plugins/automotive/auto_templates/ into your child theme folder wp-content/themes/automotive-child/auto_templates/ and make your changes to the file.

Please note as we go forward with updates, changes with the code will happen and if you notice an error on one of your customized template files errors after an update then you will need to compare the new template file with your old one and make some changes to remove the error. Unfortunately this is not something our support covers as it is custom code.

Currently there are 6 template files you can customize:
Car Comparison Element
File Location: wp-content/plugins/automotive/auto_templates/car_comparison.php

Listing Forms
File Location: wp-content/plugins/automotive/auto_templates/footer_forms.php

Inventory Listing
File Location: wp-content/plugins/automotive/auto_templates/inventory_listing.php

Single Listing Content
File Location: wp-content/plugins/automotive/auto_templates/listing_content.php

Filter Sort Area
File Location: wp-content/plugins/automotive/auto_templates/listing_filter_sort.php

Listing View Area
File Location: wp-content/plugins/automotive/auto_templates/listing_view.php

In version 10.9 we also added the shortcode and widget files into the auto_templates/ directory allowing for users to have even more control over their website. They are located just inside the auto_templates/ directory inside shortcodes/ and widgets/ directories respectively. Here is a list of each shortcode along with their filename:

  • Alert (shortcodes/alert.php)
  • Animated Numbers (shortcodes/animated_numbers.php)
  • Bolded (shortcodes/bolded.php)
  • Brand Item (shortcodes/brand_logo.php)
  • Button (shortcodes/button.php)
  • Contact Form (shortcodes/contact_form.php)
  • Contact Information (shortcodes/contact_information.php)
  • Detailed Panel (shortcodes/detailed_panel.php)
  • Dropcaps (shortcodes/dropcaps.php)
  • FAQ (shortcodes/faq.php)
  • Featured Brands (shortcodes/featured_brands.php)
  • Featured Icon Box (shortcodes/featured_icon_box.php)
  • Featured Panel (shortcodes/featured_panel.php)
  • Flipping Card (shortcodes/flipping_card.php)
  • Google Map (shortcodes/google_map.php)
  • Heading (shortcodes/heading.php)
  • Hours Table (shortcodes/hours_table.php)
  • Icon & Title (shortcodes/icon_title.php)
  • Inventory (shortcodes/inventory.php)
  • List (shortcodes/list.php)
  • List Item (shortcodes/list_item.php)
  • Modal (shortcodes/modal.php)
  • Parallax (shortcodes/parallax.php)
  • Staff Person (shortcodes/person.php)
  • Portfolio (shortcodes/portfolio.php)
  • Pricing Option (shortcodes/pricing_option.php)
  • Pricing Table (shortcodes/pricing_table.php)
  • Progress Bar (shortcode/progress_bar.php)
  • Quote (shortcodes/quote.php)
  • Recent Posts Scroller (shortcodes/recent_posts.php)
  • Search Inventory Box (shortcodes/search_inventory_box.php)
  • Single Tab (shortcodes/tab.php)
  • Tabs (shortcodes/tabs.php)
  • Testimonial (shortcodes/testimonial.php)
  • Testimonial Quote (shortcodes/testimonial_quote.php)
  • FAQ Item (shortcodes/toggle.php)
  • Vehicle Scroller (shortcodes/video_scroller.php)
  • YouTube/Vimeo (shortcodes/video.php)

Here is a list of the widgets along with the filename of each:

  • [LISTINGS] Categories (widgets/categories.php)
  • [LISTINGS] Contact Form (widgets/contact_form.php)
  • [LISTINGS] Contact Us (widgets/contact_us.php)
  • [LISTINGS] Filter Listings (widgets/filter_listings.php)
  • [LISTINGS] Google Map (widgets/google_map.php)
  • [LISTINGS] List Items (widgets/list_items.php)
  • [LISTINGS] Loan Calculator (widgets/loan_calculator.php)
  • [LISTINGS] Mail Chimp (widgets/mailchimp.php)
  • [LISTINGS] Recent Listings (widgets/recent_listings.php)
  • [LISTINGS] Recent Posts (widgets/recent_posts.php)
  • [LISTINGS] Single Filter (widgets/single_filter.php)
  • [LISTINGS] Testimonial Slider (widgets/testimonial.php)
  • [LISTINGS] Twitter Feed (widgets/twitter_feed.php)

If you were using the old auto_overwrite.php method of customizing the plugin the plugin will still use the function you have in that file, before the template files can be loaded the function auto_overwrite.php file must be removed.

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