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Increasing website performance using Autoptimize
Last Updated 5 years ago

To help increase the performance of your website you may want to try installing the plugin Autoptimize. With this plugin you can optimize HTML, JavaScript and CSS code while also removing some default WordPress elements.

After you've installed Autoptimize you can enable the settings under Settings >> Autoptimize we recommend enabling the settings to "Optimize HTML Code", "Optimize JavaScript Code" and "Optimize CSS Code". These 3 main settings will help decrease the amount of requests to your resources and increase the page speed.

Then within the Extra tab we recommend enabling "Combine and preload in head" for Google Fonts which can significantly help with loading times especially if you have a number of 3rd party plugins all adding references to Google Fonts. Afterwards you can enable "Remove emojis" if your site doesn't use them and "Remove query strings from static resources".

After you've added and enabled these settings you and your users should notice quite an improvement with loading times on your website.

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