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Why does my support show expired even after extending?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Envato has recently changed their API authentication. Now rather than authenticating your purchase and theme support extensions using your Purchase Code, it needs to authenticate using the new Envato API. In order to set this up you need to click the My Products link in the menu at the top, and then click the link that says Grab Envato Products. If you are not logged into the Envato account your purchased your products with then you will be prompted to login. After you authenticate this you should see the 'Grab Envato Products' link should change to 'Envato Account Connected' and it will look like this:


Now that you have completed this authentication anytime you renew your support on ThemeForest this will automatically by updated in our support system when you login to create a ticket. This extra step is necessary because ThemeForest does not offer a support system for its authors. As a result our support system is completely independent and is not in constant communication with ThemeForest.

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