Flight HTML – Changelog: Version 2.2

Version 2.2Released 04/09/13

  1. Edited /js/retina/retina.js to apply the retina function to all images found on the webpage. Added the following code:
  2.  Added the files /js/portfolio/portfolio-column-1.js/js/portfolio/portfolio-column-2.js/js/portfolio/portfolio-column-3.js/js/portfolio/portfolio-column-4.js for allowing sorting on multiple columns on the portfolio page.
  1.  To use the portfolio filter feature:
    1. Add the javascript file to the head that corresponds to the amount of columns on the portfolio page (look above at #2).
    2. Create the menu to sort the items, the ID of the links will become the categories you use on each portfolio item.
    3. Add to the article class sortableItems and add an attribute data-categories to the tag. You can have the categories separated by an underscore (_) to allow items to have multiple categories.