Flight HTML – Changelog: Version 2.2

Version 2.2Released 04/09/13

  1. Edited /js/retina/retina.js to apply the retina function to all images found on the webpage. Added the following code:
    jQuery(document).ready( function($) {
  2.  Added the files /js/portfolio/portfolio-column-1.js/js/portfolio/portfolio-column-2.js/js/portfolio/portfolio-column-3.js/js/portfolio/portfolio-column-4.js for allowing sorting on multiple columns on the portfolio page.
  1.  To use the portfolio filter feature:
    1. Add the javascript file to the head that corresponds to the amount of columns on the portfolio page (look above at #2).
    2. Create the menu to sort the items, the ID of the links will become the categories you use on each portfolio item.
      <a href='#' class='sortItems' id='All' style='font-weight: bold;'>All</a> / 
      <a href='#' class='sortItems' id='Buildings'>Buildings</a> / 
      <a href='#' class='sortItems' id='Nature'>Nature</a> / 
      <a href='#' class='sortItems' id='Plants'>Plants</a> / 
      <a href='#' class='sortItems' id='Skies'>Skies</a>
    3. Add to the article class sortableItems and add an attribute data-categories to the tag. You can have the categories separated by an underscore (_) to allow items to have multiple categories.
      <article class="one-third sortableItems" data-categories="Plants_Nature">
      		<p><a href="images/demo/portfolio01.jpg" data-rel="prettyPhoto
      " title="You can add an optional caption to your pictures in this space here."><img src="images/demo/portfolio01s.jpg" alt="" class="border portfolio-third portfolio-fade"></a></p>
      </article><!-- end one-third -->