Flight HTML – Changelog: Version 1.5

Version 1.5Released 09/21/12

  1. Changed index.html default menu alignment from left to right to match other pages
  2. Removed /js/hover/ folder and javascript file as it was unused and empty
  3. Removed /js/hover/ from Files & Folders list in the documentation
  4. Fixed bug in Chrome: Conflict between Back To Top and Blueberry Slider causing web page to jump up 455px (size of the slide height) when scrolled to very bottom of page. In /js/slider/blueberry.js on Line 141 ADDED:

    In /css/mobile.css on Line 147 ADDED:  *NOTE: This change was found to cause another issue and was changed in Version 1.7 and newer

    In /css/style.css on Line 610 ADDED:
  5. Fixed Windows Chrome bug (ThinkPad 1280×800) and iOS devices: 1px above slider (iOS fixed but still had issue on ThinkPad T61 – fixed permanently in Version 1.6). In /css/style.css on Line 578 ADDED:
  6. Fixed bug if you refresh or initially load the page at mobile resolutions, and then drag the window full size, the sliding menu description lines up with the Home menu item and not the other menu items. Also fixed the odd shape prior to hover/mouseover. In Helper Functions on Line 35 of /js/menus/flight.js ADDED:

    Also in /js/menus/flight.menu.js on Lines 102 & 103 ADDED: