Flight HTML – Changelog: Version 1.3

Version 1.3 Released 09/19/12

  1.  Replaced default graphical logo with H1 HTML5/CSS3 version with WebKit knockout for better typography and aesthetics. In all HTML files CHANGED:

    In /css/style.css on Line 542 CHANGED:
  2.  Deleted body.location class from /css/style.csson Line 3194 for Google Maps pages with fullscreen maps and removed class from body tags in HTML code on location-roadmap.html and location-satellite.html.
  3. Added z-index: 0; to #logo ID on Line 551 and z-index: -1; to Line 3202 #google-map ID in /css/style.css
  4. Moved /images/logo/theme-suite.png signature file to /images/demo/theme-suite.png
  5. Deleted /images/logos/ folder and contents
  6. Deleted Flight secondary signature logo
  7. Deleted Photoshop PSD files for logos (regular Flight logo and Retina logo)
  8. Changed font on Slogan from Lobster (old Logo font) to Georgia for better typography
  9. Updated documentation with new logo information
  10. Fixed column spacing in Options panel on demo site for Retina optimization
  11. Replaced Retina.js with jQuery Retina Display Plugin for improved Apple support
  12. Updated documentation to include proper credit to Troy Mcilvena