Flight HTML – Changelog: Version 1.8

Version 1.8Released 10/08/12

  1.  Updated /js/menus/flight.menu.js so it defaults to the Home position when no active menu item is selected in the HTML code (sliding menu and mouseover/hover highlight wasn’t working if active menu item got deleted). ADDED & CHANGED:
  2. Corrected an IE9 display issue (javascript items not loading). In /js/menus/flight.menu.js under the Helper functions section on Line 40 – REMOVED:
  3. Removed some lorem ipsim filler text from Portfolio Details and Project pages
  4. On Line 766-768 of /css/mobile.css added media query to reduce font size in order to optimize layout of Pagination Buttons at 300px mobile resolution. ADDED:
  5. In /css/style.css to optimize Pagination at all resolutions and ensure Next button won’t wrap – CHANGED: